Imagine: standing next to a tree that is 80 feet tall and 40-60 feet wide.  This statuesque, lofty stock is primarily recognized as the Ginkgo tree.  In the fall, the fan shaped leaves of the Gingko tree uniquely progress through a color pallet, starting at bright green then transitioning through to an array of yellows and gold.


Dynamic Green Concepts’ earnestly chose the Ginkgo Leaf as the company’s logo and badge.  This emblem precisely represents Dynamic Green Concepts’ positive virtues.  As a testament to DGC’s mission, the mark of the Ginkgo Leaf was strategically selected to be an ever-present image of the company.


Revered by many cultures globally, the Ginkgo leaf is a symbol of life and hope. With origins dating back 270 million years ago, the Ginkgo leaf is often referred to as a “living fossil” and is one of the oldest living trees still growing on the planet today.


In Chinese culture, the leaf represents long life. In Japanese culture, the leaf, which survived devastation from the atomic bomb, is considered a “bearer of hope” and a symbol of resilience.  Admired by the monks, the Ginkgo leaf embodies longevity and profound endurance, as well as wisdom and knowledge.


The symbolic meaning of this ancient leaf defines DGC’s enthusiasm for sustainability and innovation, as Dynamic Green Concepts is here to perpetually thrive.  We declare ourselves as present day pioneers by taking the agriculture practices of the past, preserving the old and embarking on the new fronts for the greater future of agriculture.  Finally, the Ginkgo Leaf is a metaphor that illustrates what the company believes in.  We strive to be a bearer of hope, resilience, life and wisdom through innovation and commitment to the customer’s needs and our community.