DGC saves banana plantation by remediating soil with high salt concentration.
"If it weren’t for your products, I would have cut down my trees, quit farming and have cows here now."
-Banana Farmer, Montecristi, Dominican Republic
Rice test at Instituto Agrario Dominicano facility - DGC almost doubles rice yields in Mao, Dominican Republic.
“These products are miraculous, bring me more”
-Rice producer, Mao, Dominican Republic
Reclaim applied 2 years ago on corn in Zimbabwe.  Treated once with Reclaim in 2016 and the residual effect is still clear!
“We applied the product two years ago and it is still showing it is a lot more fertile and healthy”
-Corn Farmer, Ziimbabwe
Incredible corn yield increase in Chihuahua, Mexico!  Note at 11 seconds the difference from the untreated section to the treated section, almost double the height!
“As I was driving past the field I could not believe the difference from untreated to treated, it was plain as day.”
-Corn Farmer, Chihuahua, Mexico