Make your chemicals HOTTER THAN HOT with this superior herbicide and defoliant enhancer! phLAME is an economical way to extend and enhance your herbicides. It has continually proven itself to both growers and applicators by giving more complete and extended kills with the lowest application rates. Weeds that have built up a chemical resistance are now able to be controlled with a single application, saving you time and money!


This specialized spreader sticker was created to increase penetration and effectiveness of fungicides with the lowest label rates. Replacing a portion of your high cost chemicals with SS 9 can give a substantial cost savings while being more effective and environmentally responsible! That’s money back in your pocket!


Our SPREADER STICKER with its proprietary enzyme base helps make plants more receptive to pesticides. SPREADER STICKER is a general purpose surfactant for ground applied herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. Its surfactants help it stick to the leaves and its wetting agents penetrate the soil taking the chemical to the roots.Due to its superior qualities as a sticker, many growers have reduced the number of sprayings required during a season for pest control, saving chemical and application dollars.