**The following products meet all the requirements prescribed in the USDA National Organic Program Regulations.**

RENEW is a unique and superior enzyme complex designed for soil or foliar application. RENEW stimulates soil microbial activity which helps to reduce soil compaction, improve fertilizer efficiency and nutrient release. When used as a foliar treatment RENEW stimulates plant vigor.

RECLAIM is an integral part of the alkaline soil program, capable of dramatic remediation of sodium levels in alkaline soils. Soil tests should be taken from areas surrounding trouble areas to determine nutrient imbalances and appropriate treatment. (other nutrient treatments may be recommended to enhance overall effectiveness.)

ENHANCE is a product formulated for soil application on legume crops. It is a proprietary blend of fermentation extracts, organic acids, plant extracts and surfactants.


MICROPLUS (previously known as MicroPlex) is one of our most diversely used products. It is a foliar plant stimulant designed to increase carbohydrate levels within a plant, push plant growth and aid in crop reproductive set, improve plant health, increase efficiency of foliar nutrient programs and reduce plant stress.