This grass seed program is intended for informational use only. For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your DGC representative for specific recommendations.

Fall Planting

Normal Soil:

32 oz AIM per acre (2.5 L/Ha)


*Alkali/Sodium Soil:

32 oz RECLAIM per acre       

(2.5 L/Ha)


Air and water management at critical sprouting stage and nutrient uptake.


These water management tools aid in air and water exchange critical to stimulating microorganisms in preparation for planting. They also contain formulated enzyme complexes that stimulate rapid microbiological activity which is critical to soil agitation and air and water management. Increased microbial life will enhance nutrient release to the plant. RECLAIM will reduce chemical carryover problems.


NOTE: *For pH higher than 6.8 and/or high sodium content. Also good for chemically damaged fields.

Spring Planting

32 oz AIM per acre (2.5 L/Ha) with first water


Air and water management, nutrient uptake.


AIM is an excellent soil stimulant product. It aids the plant in uptaking nutrients and preparing for reproductive stage.

Herbicide Spray Program

Apply 16 fl. oz. phLAME per 100 gallon tank mix with contact herbicides (0.5 L per 375 L).

Fungicide Spray Program

Apply 16 to 32 fl. oz. SS 9 per 100 gallon tank mix with fungicides (0.5 - 1 L per 375 L).

Insecticide Spray Program

Apply 5 to 10 oz SPREADER STICKER per 100 gallon tank mix with insecticides (150 - 300 mL per 375 L).


We strongly recommend using an adjuvant with your spray program. Specialty surfactants (SS 9, SPREADER STICKER, phLAME) have proven cost effective with spray applications of chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) to allow lowest label rates with better results. The synergy can add potency and extend the chemical life and have allowed some growers to experiment and get exceptional results with well under label rates.


Please ask your DGC representative for the appropriate product for your needs and grower’s experiences in your area.