Using the Most Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques


DGC utilizes satellite imagery, drones and survey equipment to analyze visual, location and electromagnetic data in near real-time to track various phenological changes in vegetation.  This allows for the more effective and efficient management of crop health, irrigation, soil fertility and nutrient uptake.  DGC also assists with land surveying and mapping for new project layouts and environmental studies.  Custom tailored survey and monitoring programs are implemented for each client depending upon each situation and the unique needs of the client.

  • Surveying for buildings, fencing, irrigation systems and other equipment.

  • Increase efficiency of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides with early identification of weeds, insects and diseases.

  • Thermal imagery allows for the easy tracking of livestock.

  • Facilitate land management by acquiring data on soil health to detect nutrient deficiencies, which allows for a precise fertilization and input program.

  • Monitor crops for health, damage, water stress (to better control irrigation), as well as for size and count to estimate yields.

  • Research new indices that attribute to other measurable data such as nutrient uptake efficiency and soil microbial activity.