MICROPLUS (previously known as MicroPlex) is one of our most diversely used products. It is a foliar plant stimulant designed to increase carbohydrate levels within a plant, push plant growth and aid in crop reproductive set, improve plant health, increase efficiency of foliar nutrient programs and reduce plant stress.


FOLIARPLEX is an enzyme-based foliar spray that can help reduce stress in plants.  Uptake of FOLIARAPLEX is rapid because of its fermentation base combined with organic nitrogen and a superior non-ionic surfactant.  FOLIARAPLEX is compatible with herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides.

RENEW is a unique and superior enzyme complex designed for soil or foliar application. RENEW stimulates soil microbial activity which helps to reduce soil compaction, improve fertilizer efficiency and nutrient release. When used as a foliar treatment RENEW stimulates plant vigor.