ENHANCE is designed to stimulate plant root growth to support increased reproductive plant growth. It is our main plant stimulant for legumes, which includes vital elements designed to enhance microbial soil life activity.This unique, highly cultured superior enzyme based stimulant goes through rigorous quality control processes.Biological studies have shown that trace amounts of some elements in exchangeable form will make a major difference in creating high yielding healthy plants. Just a few ounces of ENHANCE per acre can trigger immense activity in the plant.

General Information

ENHANCE is a product formulated for soil application on legume crops. It is a proprietary blend of fermentation extracts, organic acids, plant extracts and surfactants. The surfactants insure efficient penetration into upper soil horizons, while the other components affect beneficial soil microbial processes and promote early seedling vigor and root growth.The label ingredients of ENHANCE have been found to stimulate microbial processes and plant growth in numerous studies, and they may be found discussed extensively in scientific literature. There are hundreds of references on humic and kelp extracts alone.The combination of ingredients in ENHANCE provides a more uniform and consistent soil and plant response than each applied alone. The response is due partly to the readily-available carbon and nutrients needed for microbial activity and partly to the natural biostimulant content of the formulation.Greater microbial activity in the root zone and enhanced root growth lessens the effect of compaction and promotes better fertilizer efficiency and nutrient absorption. This may be observed in field comparisons made starting three to four weeks following an in-furrow application of Enhance. Simply dig five to ten plants from treated and untreated fields of equal productivity planted the same day. Insure the soil ball is large enough to contain all of the roots. After gently washing the soil from the sampled plants, measure the root mass and weigh the root systems (or the entire plant) and compare values for treated vs. untreated plants.In three seasons of replicated studies at university research stations and private research facilities, seven research projects on soybeans have averaged a 10.6% yield increase. Recent field trials on garden beans, dry (edible) beans, and lentils indicate even higher yield increases.Best results are achieved with in-furrow plus banded application methods. The recommended in-furrow rate is 16-32 oz./A applied on the seed with an additional 16-32 oz./A applied three weeks later in a band to the base of the young plants. The higher rates should be used on heavier soils or if heavier-than-normal rainfall is expected.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Proprietary blend of poly-co-ferment enzyme complexes: 91.00000%

  • Proprietary Blend of Dimethylsiloxane and non-ionic surfactants: 5.00000%

  • Fructofuramosyl: 2.00000%

  • Lignin Polymers: 2.00000%



Shake well and mix in enough water to distribute evenly. May be tank mixed with most liquid fertilizers and pesticides. Use in conjunction with a good soil test and soil fertility program. Always conduct a compatibility test prior to mixing any chemicals.



  1. Prior to application, all spray/mixing and application equipment must be cleaned. Carefully observe all cleaning directions on product label.

  2. To prevent or minimize foaming, fill tank 3/4 full of water. In cold weather use water above 60° F to avoid gelling.

  3. Add pesticides and/or fertilizers as directed by label or in following order:

    1. Fertilizer and micronutrients

    2. Dry flowables and dispersible granules

    3. Flowables

    4. Water soluble pesticides

    5. Emulsifiable concentrates

  4. Continue agitation

  5. Add ENHANCE and mix thoroughly with normal agitation.

  6. Continue filling tank maintaining agitation.

  7. For optimum results spray mixtures containing ENHANCE should be applied within 36 hours


Application information

The following applications are recommended for:


Agricultural Field Crops (Soil Application):
Apply in the row or band over the row at planting at the rate of one (1) quart per acre mixed in sufficient water to achieve uniform coverage.

Typical Benefits of Use

  • Increases activity in microbial life creating better soil/plant nutrient exchange.

  • Enhanced seed germination, start and vigor in plant growth

  • Increased development in the plant above and below the soil surface.

  • Healthier, more disease resistant plants.

  • Shorter stem length between nodes, using less resources for stems and creating more reproductive pods in relation to plant height

  • Yield increases

Product Approved for use on Organic Crops

The organically modified version of ENHANCE complies with the standards of Organic Certifiers and contains only ingredients approved under the USDA National Organic Program. All ingredients that violate the regulations have been removed and/or substituted with approved ingredients to satisfy Organic Certifiers’ and USDA-NOP requirements. Please specify 'organic’ if you wish the organic formulation. The guaranteed analysis and SDS will be included with shipment.


Disclaimer: The information contained herein is furnished without warranty of any kind. Users should consider this data only as a supplement to other information gathered by them and must make independent determinations of suitability and completeness of information from all sources to assure proper use and disposal of these materials and the safety and health of employees and customers and the protection of the environment.


Store in original container only. Keep container tightly closed. Do not allow water to be introduced into contents of container. Do not contaminate water sources by runoff from cleaning of equipment, disposal of equipment wash water or spray waste. Do not store near heat or open flame. Container Disposal: Triple rinse (or equivalent) container. Offer for recycling or puncture and dispose of according to state and local authorities. If burned, stay out of smoke. 


IF SWALLOWED: Give a large amount of water to drink. DO NOT induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.


IF IN EYES: Immediately flush with clean water for 15 minutes. Consult a physician if symptoms persist.


IF ON SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing and wash with soap and water. If contact is made with the spray solution containing pesticides, follow the “Statement of Practical Treatment” on the pesticide label. Consult a physician if irritation persists.


Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Do not apply in such a manner as to directly or through drift expose workers or other people. If mixed with pesticides follow precautionary statements on the accompanying pesticide label.





in Case of Contact

Storage and Disposal