DGC is positioned to assist clients combat the challenges of modern-day agriculture through an array of specialized services. Agricultural productivity is driven by a number of factors such as availability of resources, science and technology, and environmental issues; and needs often vary with local limitations and production goal. Thus, these often necessitate site-specific solutions in some cases. Our first-class expertise in a number of specialized fields has positioned us to solve agriculture and environmental problems in different geographical settings. Notably, the service areas include: 

  • Advanced Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management

  • Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing

  • Reclamation of Degraded Agricultural Soils

  • Customized Agriculture Education and Research Programs for Farmers

  • Organic Certification

  • Agriculture Equipment and Input Sourcing

The combination of our expertise in the aforementioned areas and innovative biotechnology products positions us to help our clients combat soil erosion, salinization, acidification, aridity, nutrient depletion, and organism extinction. We have significantly boosted crop productivity in different climatic and/or geographical settings.